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Faithful Pastor, Friend and Shepherd since 1985
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Full-time missionary to rural coastal and riverine areas
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Has published books, tracts and other publications since 1989
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Welcome to J.O Williams Publications

Jeremiah Owolewa Williams was born in the early 50s into the family of Pa A.B Williams of Gbose Royal family, IGBOBINI in Ese-Odo L.G.A, Ondo State Nigeria. He had his Primary Education in Iwopin, Ijebu Water side, Ogun state between 1960 – 1966 after which he proceeded to further his education at Local Authority Secondary Modern School, Epe, Lagos (1967 – 1970).
In 1974, he joined the central band of the Nigerian Police Force and was trained on Tenor Saxophone. Jeremiah studied practical and theoretical music for 3years, and sat for the International Music…. read more

Immediately after he left the teachers’ college in 1980, he got converted through one of the bible teachings, ‘Believing and Practical Church’ – The Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT) in one of her Local Assemblies in Olowora, Isheri via Ikeja. He was trained, baptized and became a Sunday School teacher and later, Sunday School Superintendent. He attended several Christian Education Conferences of the church, and in….read more

In 1989 while he was still with his church (GOFAMINT), and running his business in Lagos, he had some reason to go to his hometown for a short break. On his way travelling home, exactly at the Ijebu-Ode Toll gate in Ogun State, he heard a “Distinct voice” say to him, “You’re going on a missionary journey” and he was given the messages he would preach and teach. He proceeded on his journey and spent 3weeks at home. On his return from the journey, he expected to find people who will be interested in his….read more

In 1989, he was in the church in Lagos during one of the gospel services when he heard a voice saying “take your pen and write…” He then went on to receive inspiration for a book titled, ‘THE WISDOM OF THE QUEEN’ and the titles of six chapters were given to him, viz.: (1) The Result of Disobedience (2) Approach to Circumstances (3) The Possibility made out of Impossibility (4) The King’s Action (5) The Double Tragedy and (6) The Reward. Sometime later, the 7th chapter ‘The Almighty….read more



…a must read for all believers


"Christian Boldness is a book that seeks to stir up boldness in believers to resist and to subdue the devil by showing biblical proofs of the reality of the devil’s defeat and the victory all believers have inherited in Christ."


This is How Far; How Well.

In 29 years and counting, the figures below are a rough estimate of the many achievements God has graciously granted us.

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